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Scott Morrison – Business Accelerator (Former Marketing & Commercial Director DIESEL)

What’s needed are leaders who can forge a pioneering way, engaging and empowering their organisations to look at this new world with excited, opportunity-filled eyes. Leaders who don’t subscribe to the old, traditional norms, looking at everything through the same tired old lens. They are brave, inspiring and totally tuned in to this new way of being and, once inside a business, they bring positive disruption that accelerates their business. ‘How to become an Accelerated Leader’ will open your eyes to the skills and traits of leaders in some of the world’s most culturally and creatively demanding organisations who accelerate their people and businesses to greatness.


Scott Morrison has over 20 years experience working with and in some of the world’s most creatively and commercially demanding brands. He has distilled his learnings and observations from places like Saatchi and Saatchi, Wieden and Kennedy, Nike, Diesel, Levi’s and Activision to coach businesses around the world on how to accelerate the leaders in their organisation and accelerate their overall performance. His clients include media, drinks, fashion and tech brands and he mentors, coaches and speaks all over the world. His most recent published work is in ‘Hacker Maker Teacher Thief’ a book about the future of advertising.

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