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The Olympic Sponsors Twitter Tracker is powered by Brandwatch technology – one of the world’s leading social media monitoring tools. The tracker consolidates all social media mentions of the 25 Olympic sponsors that take place on Twitter, and for the purposes of this analysis focuses on those from the UK. The Olympics tracker calculates a performance score for each brand, forming a ranking to indicate which brand is getting the best social media response to their Olympics sponsorship. The performance score for each brand used in the ranking is created by a MediaCom influence methodology:
Performance score = POSITIVITY of comments x ENGAGEMENT by the people commenting x Potential REACH of those comments.

(Powered by BrandWatch / Week of 25 June 2012)

Coca-Cola and Samsung currently lead the way in fan engagement according to the latest Twitter scores. As partners of the Olympic Torch Relay, both Sponsors have been receiving high visibility nationwide as the Torch tours the country, combined with effective social media activation. The “Coke Relay Concert” has generated significant positive

discussion on Twitter integrated with Twitter competitions encouraging fans to share content from the concerts, all of which aligns with Coke’s “move to the beat” Olympic campaign. BMW have shown significant progress up the Sponsor’s table which can also be attributed to their Torch Relay activation. BMW are using their Gold cars which are escorting the torch, as a focal point for a Twitter and Social media competition in which Fans are being encouraged to share pictures of the cars to enter into BMW Olympic competitions. Other Sponsors who have registered significant activity include BA who launched their “Home Advantage” campaign in June which included an online launch of their acclaimed advert in advance of the TV campaign which created a strong level of buzz on twitter. Adidas recently launched the Team GB kit incorporating a POS promotions to drive traffic and a high level of twitter activity from the Team GB athletes.
(Marcus John, Global Head of MediaCom Sport)